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Skin Care Products Pickup / Product Purchases
When you just need to pop in to make a skin care purchase or get a product consultation. ATTENTION: You must be a client of Vfranca Spa in order to purchase products.
ATTENTION: If you are looking for a particular product, please call to make sure the product you want is in stock. Products may not be available, or in stock. The Spa offers complimentary shipping within the United States.
IMPORTANT: We kindly ask for a 24 hour notice if you can not make the scheduled time for pickup. You can call same day to see available pickup times or book same day if you are not sure of your schedule in advance.
Skincare Consultation / Product Consultation
Complimentary Skincare Consultation or Product Consultation.
Attention:It is not necessary to book a consultation before a Facial. All Facials include a consultation before starting the service and product recommendations after the service.
Attention: We ask for a 24 hour cancelation notice. If you do not show up for your consultation or do not cancel your Consultation in a timely manner, a Consultation fee will be charged ($25) for future Consultation appointments.


Express Facial - $65
A great "pick-me-up" revitalizing treatment for all skins. A selection of Organic fruit acids, enzymes, and antioxidants stimulate and exfoliate. Instantly smooths and brightens the complexion leaving your skin hydrated and glowing! Extractions not included.
Restorative European Facial 60 minutes - $85
A customized, basic European facial that smooths, hydrates, and clarifies your skin. The focus of this treatment is individualized to your skins needs using a variety of techniques and a selection of organic products. It includes an exfoliation, a relaxing massage to face, neck and shoulders, a hydrating mask to the face and eye area. The perfect refreshing and restorative treatment for those who are not sure what their skin needs at the moment. Please note that extractions are not done with this treatment.
Restorative European Facial 75 minutes - $100
A customized, European facial that smooths, and hydrates your skin. The focus of this treatment is individualized to your skins needs using a variety of techniques and a selection of organic products. It includes a deeper exfoliation, extractions if needed, a relaxing massage to face, neck and shoulders, a mask, and a hydrating eye treatment. The perfect refreshing and restorative treatment for those who are not sure what their skin needs at the moment.
Includes: a more detailed treatment with an intense exfoliation, extractions if needed, anti-aging massage for radiant skin!
Deep Cleansing Facial - $100
A deep pore cleansing facial with emphasis on exfoliation and extractions. Stimulating herbs dramatically increase blood flow and detoxify your skin. Natural alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) remove dead skin and clear clogged pores. A clarifying mask and soothing face massage for a radiantly clear complexion.
Biodynamic Facial - $100
A calming and soothing treatment with healing elements that will help refine and rejuvenate the most sensitive skins. A refining peel with Nettle, whole grain oat and willow bark stimulate skin renewal and smooth the appearance of lines, while antiseptic and detoxifying herbal extracts help prevent breakouts. Naseberries and Radish seeds improves tone and texture, reducing the signs of aging.
Precious herbs and nourishing oils soothe and renew sensitive and aging skin.
Excellent for sensitive skins, combination and dry skins.
Microdermabrasion Revitalizing Facial - $115
A synergistic combination to have your skin feeling smoother! An exfoliating Microdermabrasion, a deep cleaning treatment includes extractions, followed by a mask and an acupressure face massage. Your skin will feel smooth, pores refined, complexion flawless!
Brightening VitaSkin Facial - $100
 lluminate your complexion and reduce the appearance of dark spots with a brightening blend of bearberry, stone crop, licorice root and natural, plant-derived actives. An exfoliating treatment to lighten and brighten your skin, followed by a potent blend of antioxidants and Vitamin C&E to nourish the skin, boost collagen, and even skin tone. Rosehip oil is massaged into the skin smoothing wrinkles and hydrates deeply.  Suited for all skins with hyper-pigmentation, melasma, and uneven toned skin.
Hungarian Anti-Aging Micro-current Treatment - $100
Antioxidant rich acaiberry, blackberry, and raspberries, plus a plant derived hyaluronic acid are massaged into the skin to reveal luminous skin with fewer lines and wrinkles. Hungarian paprika stimulates and detoxifies the skin, creating a beautiful glow. NuFace micro-currant and Red LED increase collagen and elastin to give your skin the most uplifting, firming treatment with immediate results. *Extractions not included. Great before a special occasion and those looking for an instant firming effect and glowing skin.
Deluxe Firming Facial - $135
An anti-aging and rejuvenating facial. This stimulating, exfoliating, firming treatment for the face, neck, and chest has a fruit- and antioxidant-rich peel with arctic berries and peptides, that targets wrinkles, evens skin tone, and instantly firms the skin! LED Light stimulates collagen and reduces fine lines. Includes a collagen boosting mask, an eye treatment to exfoliate and firm, an anti-aging hand treatment. Massage to the face, neck and shoulders reduces facial tension, tones, and promotes relaxation. The over all effect is clearer, firmer, smoother, and more luminous skin that will leave you looking radiant!
Ultra Deluxe Firming Facial - $160
A Deluxe Firming Facial that uses the NuFace micro-current to stimulate, lift and tone facial muscles for immediate , and dramatic results. Includes an eye & lip treatment. The Ultimate anti-aging, lifting and firming treatment!
Intense Back Treatment - $65
For backs with breakouts and or acne, a peel treatment that gets to the point and targets breakouts, extractions if needed, and a mask.

Add On Facial Services

Eye Treatment - $20
Add to any facial - A firming, exfoliating, anti-aging treatment alleviates puffiness, reduces fine lines and firms.
Lip Treatment - $15
Add On to any Facial- an exfoliating, hydrating, and plumping lip treatment.
Eye and Lip Treatment - $25
A firming, anti-aging treatment. Includes an exfoliating mask, lymphatic drainage with acupressure massage and a firming, hydrating mask. An exfoliating, hydrating, and plumping lip treatment.
Hand Treatment - $15
Add on to any Facial - A massage, followed by a moisturizing, warm soy paraffin mask.
Foot Treatment - $15
Add to any facial- Exfoliating grains smooths your skin; a warm, soy paraffin mask moisturizes, and a relaxing massage.
Hand and Foot Treatment - $25
Add to any facial - Exfoliating grains smooths your skin; a warm, soy paraffin mask moisturizes, and a relaxing massage.
Peel - $25
Based on your skin type, a mild, organic Peel for extra exfoliation action. A Peel can be added to any Facial or Microdermabrasion treatment.
Back Scrub - $25
Add to any facial- exfoliating grains remove dead skin cells and smooth your skin. A hydrating cream is massaged into your back leaving your skin soft and smooth.
LED Light Therapy - $25
Add on to any facial -Red and infrared light stimulates collagen, diminishes fine lines, and firms the skin.
Blue light calms and minimizes breakouts.
Micro-polisher - $25
Walnut grains add a gentle exfoliating and polishing microdermabrasion effect to the skin.
NuFace Quick Lift and Firm - $25
add on to a facial- Micro-current lifts, firms, and tones facial muscles for instant and dramatic results.


Peel 1st Time Consult / Service
During Consultation the appropriate type of Peel will be determined for your skin Type and needs. At that time the Peel can also be done depending on type of Peel and if you are prepared to receive the service.
Clear Skin Peel - $85
This Peel treatment gives results without irritation using natural Salicylic acid, and Papaya fruit extracts. It targets pore congestion, rapidly removing blockages, to help minimize acne breakouts. The complexion immediately appears clearer and smoother, and pores are visibly minimized.
Yam and Pumpkin Peel - $85
Yam and pumpkin rich enzymes are combined with papaya, Glycolic, and Lactic acids to exfoliate and smooth the skin; reducing pigmentation, fine lines, and sun damage to improve the appearance of skin. Good for all skins except acne skins. Especially good for dry, combination, pigmented and sun damaged skins.
Bright Skin Vita Peel - $85
Reveal the look of your skin's luminous complexion with lightening and brightening products, infused with natural hydroquinone alternative, lactic acid and gigawhite. A booster of antioxidants is added for anti-aging benefits and to overall improve the skin's appearance. Especially for the treatment of hyper pigmented, melasma, and uneven skin tones.
Arctic Berry Peptide Peel - $85
This Organic Peel and Peptide treatment targets wrinkles, hyper-pigmentation, acne prone skin, and is also suitable for sensitive skins. The over all effect is clearer, smoother, and more luminous skin with no down time.
Esstentials Post Peel Facial

Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion - $85
Smooth, refine, and brighten your complexion, using aluminum crystals and/or organic walnut grains in our microdermabrasion treatments. It helps products penetrate, re-texturizes, refines pores, and evens skin tone, leaving your skin instantly brighter and smoother. Includes a mask for your skin type.
Microdermabrasion Revitalizing Facial - $115
A synergistic combination to have your skin feeling smoother and looking younger! An exfoliating microdermabrasion; a deep cleaning treatment followed by a mask and a soothing massage to your neck, shoulders, and arms. Your skin will feel smooth, pores refined and skin flawless!


Eye Brow Wax or Tweeze - $20
A high quality, Vegan friendly, delicate wax that is good for sensitive skin. Followed by Rose hip, Calendula, or Chamomile to calm redness and irritation.
Lip wax - $10
Chin wax - $15
Underarm wax - $15
Bikini Wax - $35
French Bikini - $45
A little more than a basic bikini
Brazilian Bikini Wax - $60
Inner Thighs - $25
Whole Face Wax - not including Eyebrow wax - $35
Sideburns / Sides of Face Wax - $15
Full Back Wax - $60
Half Upper Back Wax - $40
Half Lower Back Wax - $25
Chest Wax - $35


Lash and Brow Tint - $40
Safe and effective Semi-permanent vegetable-based dye is applied to the eyelashes or eyebrows to enhance or change existing color.
Brow Tint - $15
Lash Tint - $30
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